Visiting Dutch land

When I heard how Google translated the poem « Voor Ari » from dutch to french, I understood that it would be better for me to try to write this short text in English by myself than to let Big Brother ruin it. 🙂

Marja, Eline, Peter, Danny and Jacques, this is for you: THANK YOU! I travel since 6 month now and have seen wonderful landscapes and cities, eaten a lot of incredible sweet and tasteful food, heard and learned a lot about European countries. But having the opportunity to spend those days with you was far better than the rest. Visiting country is great, visiting people is amazing. I hope that you also enjoyed a little my visit, and that we will meet soon again.

8 commentaires sur “Visiting Dutch land

  1. Hello Luca,
    De temps en temps je jette un coup d’oeil sur ton blog (quand je commence, je suis presque obligé de lire tous les récits que j’avais pas encore lu) et maintenant je sais enfin comment t’écrire!😉 J’aimerais juste te dire BRAVO et év. te souhaiter du courage pour la suite?!


    • Salut Marina,
      Merci pour ton commentaire et tes encouragements! 🙂 Oui, ça continue, toujours vers le sud, bravant le froid, la pluie du nord et le vent. Non, pour être honnête, il fait encore beaucoup moins froid qu’en Autriche au mois d’avril, du coup j’ose pas trop me plaindre… 😉

  2. Hey Luca!

    Amazing pictures! Always make me think twice when taking a picture.
    We all had a great time with you, I know being a parasite isn’t always easy, but if you wanted to stay longer, my mom, brother and I would have happily agreed. For me, it was a lot of fun the way we met and then later again in my home country. Enjoy the rest of your trip and good luck!

  3. Hi Luca,

    It was also a pleasure to meet you and we hope you have a good hibernation in Spain. I like your pictures of Holland. Have a save trip and if you are in Holland again you know where we live.

    Regards Eline.

    • Thank you Eline,

      I’ll be back one day, for sure. But please, double check your lugages each time you come back from Australia: I don’t want to share the room with an big spider or a snake! 😉

      Have a nice second summer! 🙂

  4. Hi Luca,

    Here is the Dutch text and the translation…..

    Jules Deelder 1994

    Lieve Ari
    Wees niet bang

    De wereld is rond
    en dat istie al lang

    De mensen zijn goed
    De mensen zijn slecht

    Maar ze gaan allen
    dezelfde weg

    Hoe langer je leeft
    hoe korter het duurt

    Je komt uit het water
    en gaat door het vuur

    Daarom lieve Ari
    Wees niet bang

    De wereld draait rond
    en dat doettie nog lang

    TO ARI
    Darling Ari
    Don’t get scared

    The world is round
    Tho looking flat

    Man may be good
    Man may be bad

    But in the end
    We’re just as dead

    The longer you live
    The shorter it lasts

    From the waters you came
    Thru flames you will pass

    Therefore darling Ari
    Don’t get scared

    The world’s spinning round
    And it couldn’t care less